Rotator Cuff Disease

Damage to any of the four tendons of the rotator induced by repetitive activity and/or trauma

History – symptoms – signs:
Anterolateral shoulder pain often with radiation down the arm to the elbow
Aggravated by shoulder movement
History of slowly escalating pain or sudden onset
Atrophy of the rotator cuff muscles
History of trauma to the area

Clinical examination:
Anterosuperior prominence of humeral head due to lack of compression into glenoid fossa via the action of the rotator cuff.
Swelling and inflammation visible around the shoulder
Tenderness over rotator cuff muscle bellies or at their insertions
Painful arc of motion in the shoulder
Active resisted tests positive (abduction, internal/external rotation)
Neer’s test, Empty Can test, Codman’s Test, Hawkins Kennedy test positive