Palpation of the Axillary Lymph nodes-new

Definition: Palpation of superficial lymph nodes’ The axillary lymph nodes Test procedure: Ask the patient to abduct their arms. Place cupped fingers high up in the axilla against the chest wall. Ask the patient to lower their arms. Then gently drag your fingers down against the chest wall and you should feel them rolling under […]

Examination of the Axillary Lymph Nodes

Definition: The axillary lymph nodes are located in the axilla or armpit. These nodes are arranged into various groups, starting from the front these are; the pectoral, anterior axillary, central axillary, apical axillary, posterior axillary and brachial axillary lymph nodes. The drain areas of the external thoracic wall, the breasts and arms. Test procedure: Ask […]

Examination of the supraclavicular lymph nodes

DEFINITION: The supraclavicular lymph nodes are situated in the supraclavicular possa. This is the area just above the clavicles or collar bones. TEST PROCEDURE: Stand in front or behind the seated patient. With the index and middle fingers feel along the superior and deep borders of the clavicles for the rounded and well defined lymph […]

Test for pitting Oedema

Definition: The persistence of pitting (indentation) in the skin after application of firm pressure is a classic sign of swelling due to increased interstitial fluid in subcutaneous tissues. Test procedure: Apply firm pressure to swollen area for a 5 seconds. Use finger pads or thumb press tissue against a bony surface (dorsum of foot, tibia, […]

Test for Finger / nail Clubbing

Definition: Clubbing is a thickening and broadening of the bulbous fleshy portion of the fingers under the nails. The nail becomes curved both longitudinally and laterally. As the underlying condition progresses the curvature becomes more prominent. Curvature of the nail alone may not be significant to diagnose clubbing and should be backed up by the […]

Palpation of Thyroid Gland

Definition: Palpation of the thyroid gland to evaluate the presence of nodules or enlargement. Test procedure: First observe from the front and sides. Then palpate the thyroid by standing behind the patient. Note any nodes, symmetrical or non-symmetrical enlargement. Then ask the patient to take a sip of water and to hold it into their […]